Madhya Pradesh

Achievements come after prolonged and sustained effort and Madhya Pradesh has been no exception to this. Despite the passage of the Act, partners found that there were several areas where their interventions were crucial. Prime among these was the activation of those for whom the act was meant. To achieve this several modes of awareness generation were adopted by different partners. These included padyatras, door-to-door campaigns, village meetings, posters, leaflets, pamphlets, exposures and training programmes. … Read More


Partners in Karnataka are Samuha, INGRID, OUTREACH and Samarasa working in Bidar, Raichur, Koppal and Bellary districts and the
Foundation for Ecological Security working in Chikkaballapur, Kolar districts

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Andhra Pradesh

Despite the MGNREGA guarantee of work on demand and unemployment allowance, it is difficult to make the system work because it is used to working in a supply-driven mode A long and hard struggle by WASSAN and its partners, REDS, EFFORT, PILUPU and APMSS succeeded in operationalising the system of work application, receipt and the provision of work within 15 days. After consortium partners helped wage seekers and set up workers’ collectives, the number of … Read More


Districts in Odisha which are part of the Koraput, Bolangir and Kalahandi (KBK) trio are among the poorest districts in the country. This region lives a fragile unstable existence withstanding heat waves, floods and drought. 90% of the population of Bolangir and Nuapada districts, lives below poverty line and about 30% of its population is under-nourished. Recurring droughts manifested in almost an alternate-year cycle since the 1980’s have led to large scale distress migration in … Read More

West Bengal

PRADAN has been working in the Hirbandh, Bankura-1, Ranibandh, Saltora and Indpur blocks of Bankura district since 2008-09. PRADAN works with mostly SC (Schedule Caste), ST (Schedule tribe) and Other Backward Class (OBC) poor families. PRADAN’s attempt is to make livelihood centred integrated Natural Resource Management plans which leverage MGNREGA funds. In Bankura district, PRADAN has facilitated the preparation and execution of NRM plans worth Rs.8.03 crores, of which 67% is devoted to small water harvesting … Read More


Goto: Partners -> Highlights of Work Done Khagaria, a flood-prone district in North Bihar surrounded by rivers, is also among the state’s most backward districts. That the district is flood-prone masks the serious and chronic shortage of drinking water in this area, mainly sourced from rivers and handpumps (chapakal). During floods the district also suffers from water-borne diseases, ravaging families and pushing the already indebted into deeper traps of debt. Studies have shown that in those … Read More


VSK started working on MGNREGA in 2005, confronting the challenges associated with its implementation in these backward districts. Despite sustained efforts for three years, many issues persisted until 2008. They were: No allotment of work within 15 days of request, system dysfunctional at Panchayat as well as block levels  Not a single complaint was disposed within 7 days Panchayat sevak and Rozgar sevak were not coming regularly to the Panchayat office The workers’ application for … Read More

Uttar Pradesh

Partners -> Highlights of Work Done Given the problems observed by AAK in Mirzapur in registering work demand and delays in execution and payments, AAK decided to organise workers into groups of 25-30 each in 120 villages and built their capacities. Each such unit is playing a key role in securing the basic entitlements of workers.  AAK has also established ‘Community Based Information Centres’ in 21 GPs which are run by these workers groups. Work application forms, a … Read More


Drought is a normal feature of Rajasthan. During the last 15-20 years, more than half the period was affected by drought, with drought being continuous between 1998-2004. To make matters worse, as it were, on the one hand towns require more and more water, on the other, existing irrigated areas are under pressure. Irrigation water to Sarada Block of Udaipur District, which is a part of the Jaisamand command area, was affected because of the … Read More


ANANDI has been working as part of the Rozi Roti Lok Jumbish (RRLJ) and the Anna Suraksha Adhikar Abhiyan (ASAA) and have focussed their activities on Panchmahaals and Dahod districts of Gujarat. Within these districts the Devgadh Baria Block (Dahod district) and Ghoghumba Block (Panchmahaals) district have been the locus of their intensive campaigns. ANANDI has also chosen to work with 6 GPs of Ghoghumba block with the objective of partnering the GPs and provide … Read More